The Killer Strategies That Helped Me To Beat Depression

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I remember reading somewhere that 1 out of 2 people will suffer from depression within their lifetime, this means that for every person you ever meet either you or they may fall victim to this the world’s most common mental health disorder.

We all have at some time or another felt overwhelmed by life’s constant requirements and daily stresses, however for some of us these feelings have caused a hard and sometimes long struggle leading us down a very lonely road of depression.

So what exactly does depression feel like?

Well for me 18 years ago when I was hopeless on my sofa after 4 days of binge eating chocolate and crisps and smoking heavy weed, it felt not only like torture but also the end.

I didn’t want to be part of this fast-paced world that at that time I believed was flashing before my eyes, I wanted to end it there and then. After all who would miss me?

Well by the way things had been going ‘no one would’ as I hadn’t heard from anyone in almost 5 days.

Everything would go on as usual in my absence, everyone who be fine ‘I thought.’

OK, Well maybe mum and dad would be sad, ‘oh yeah and my sisters’ but eventually everything would settle down ‘after the funeral that is and all would be normal again.’

So I pondered….

And then pondered some more.

I thought of all the reasons why I didn’t deserve another day and how I ever could have let my life get this bad. I beat myself up on why I wasn’t yet the best version of myself? or the person that I had always envisioned being.

Blaming myself for being such a waste I struggled to figure out just where it had all gone so terribly wrong?

I lay in silence, darkness, tears, anger, anxiety and regret for the next 24 hours planning my escape from this planet they call Earth.

But just how would I do this? ‘oh no’. Here was yet another dilemma to deal with.

I hated blood so it wouldn’t be anything too gory and I didn’t want to suffer or be in pain for any long period of time, so what could I do? Um

Decisions, decisions.

Then woi laa’ I had it, a flash of inspiration came in to me like lightning. It was the first great idea I had summoned in weeks, or so I felt. ‘I know’ I exclaimed to myself. I will take some pills and go to sleep…

‘Yes’ I thought, Genius.

So what happened next?

As I rummaged the kitchen draws anxiously for some pills the phone rang. I looked down at the handset and watched as my elder sisters name flashed across the screen.

I let it ring off the hook and carried on searching.

Just then I had found a mix up of old antibiotics and paracetamol.

And then my phone rang again…

I looked upon the screen once more this time debating all of the reasons why I should not pick up. I clung desperately to the pills in one hand while gazing down at the phone. ‘It would not stop ringing.’

Time seemed to freeze as I waited for some divine sign to show me the way.

And then I realized that was the sign.

Hello ‘ I answered.’

Now don’t get me wrong after the long and emotional chat with my sister I attended an emergency mental health assessment at the local medical institution and completed a course of cognitive therapy thereafter.

However in that moment when I saw her name center stage on my phone screen I decided then that I was going to do everything within my power to not only live, but to also be as Happy as I could be.

Fast forward 18 years and boy am I glad that I stuck around, my life may not be a perfect picture to many or any but it is perfect to me.

stopped smoking weed years ago as I believe that this had a lot to do with my feelings of anxiety and depression. I now have a loving partner a beautiful daughter and great friends and family.

When I look back on my depression I smile, as I am not only a survivor but also a warrior. My depression played a huge part in who I am today and for that I am eternally thankful.

If you are suffering with any of the symptoms mentioned below please read on for a few tips to get you over the initial hump. Also please do not suffer in silence, if you have friends and family let them know how you feel. If this is not possible there are other organizations such as The Samaritans who are here to help you.

  • -Appetite changes, or weight gain or loss
  • -Trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, or sleeping too much
  • -Fatigue or lack of energy
  • -Feeling restless, irritable, or withdrawn
  • -Feeling worthless, hopeless, discouraged, or guilty
  • -Trouble concentrating, remembering things, doing daily tasks, or making decisions
  • -Thoughts about hurting or killing yourself

Strategies That Helped Me To Beat Depression….

Strategy 1 — Decisions are Instant

Although it may be true that changing long serving habits can take discipline and time it is also true that the decision to make any improvement in your life is instant.

When you have acknowledged that a particular behavior pattern is not serving your greater purpose for happiness you can and must decide you amend or abolish it for good.

Strategy 2 — Remember who You Are

Do you know that in the eyes of your creator the god source within you that you are a super star and you can do no wrong? Well it’s true and you need to remember that in times of despair. Build on your self esteem and rediscover your self worth and confidence.

You are an original artifact. Carved out of nature’s perfection and there has never been nor will there ever be another you in past or future times. You were put on this earth to be great not mediocre and you are your own hero.

The world needs You otherwise you would never have been born. Find your purpose no matter how long it takes. Life is a journey not a race.

Strategy 3 — Write a Journal from your Future Self

Although life may seem all doom and gloom at present, know that no situation lasts forever and that ‘this too will pass.’ Think about all the great times you may have had and if there are none then create some imaginary ones that you can look forward to.

Start your journal with the end in mind and see yourself as an old woman / man looking back at your life. What did you learn or accomplish? Who did you inspire and how? Where did you travel to? What adventures did you take?

Have fun with this task and write whatever comes to mind, after all this is your life, your journey and these are all the great things that you have to live for.

Please note that physical exercise has helped me to maintain not only a great physique but above all a balanced and healthy state of mind. 20 minutes a day is sufficient.

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