Hi im Victoria Grant a UK born Personal Development Author, loving mother and an infopreneur. My passion is to inspire and uplift women of all ages worldwide with powerful tools and guidance on how to become their best and truest self.

As well as Victory Granted I have previously created self help websites and books advising women how to become more confident, raise their self esteem and live within their purpose.

In addition to this I have recently started my Youtube channel and online Wig store. Links can be found in the resources page of this website.

Feel free to get in touch if you have a topic which you would like her to discuss.

Victoria’s Philosophy on Life…

victoria grant
About Victoria Grant of Victory Granted

We are all connected at the spirit level and I therefore believe we are all one.

Life is an eternal journey and we are visitors to this planet simply as spiritual beings, to have the Human experience.

There is no such thing as right and wrong as we are here to witness the beauty of our hopes and desires through wonderful physical and emotional manifestations.

Love is what keeps the world spinning and although many believe there is much bad being done to Humanity I believe the opposite to be true. Humans are whatever they are ‘being’ in each moment and without Love there would be no light.

As the saying goes ‘seek and ye shall find’ I therefore reach for only the good in those I encounter. Others are a reflection of me so if I want to live in a Joyful and Kind world I must be both full of Joy and Kind.

Our spirits are free, free from judgment, hate and worry and when needed our spirit sends us signs to take heed when in danger or to discover something that will help us evolve.

So listen to the voice inside as it is never wrong and let your intuition guide you in to having the most wonderful life.

Be kind and only do to others that which you would want done to you.

~ If Life is a Dream then I don’t want to wake up~

Victoria Grant

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