How to live the life of your dreams

Follow the steps below and start living the life of your dreams today.

Step #1 – Declare aloud that ‘Enough is Enough’

In order for you to create the life you only dream about you must first become ‘fed up’ with your current circumstances. It is no good kidding yourself that the signs you keep receiving are not real because they are. You will remain going through the same things if you continue to do the same things. And that is a fact!

If there is something that you know in your heart is holding you back from being the ‘best you’ weather It is an unhealthy relationship, body or mind, a job or career, an addiction to recreational drugs, sex, or partying or more…? Whatever your vice may be it is now time to face it head on.

Decide that you will not let your demons control you any longer and that you are willing to accept defeat and leave the outcome to a higher power. Refuse to fight the battle and you will eventually win the war. ‘The war on peace with self that is.’

You can only be victorious when you realize that you need help and are willing to accept it. Not from your partner, children or boss but from a higher power. Now I know that everyone does not believe the same thing when I comes to spirituality but I think we can all agree on some level that there is an invisible force that controls creation and us that is unknown and unexplained.

‘Believe in that’

Step #2 – Receive the power of a Higher Source

So we talked about this in step #1 however we did not touch upon the actual practice that you should be doing to enable you to actually bring your awareness to  a place where you are in a constant flow with your divine nature. You may have ignored or tried to block out your intuition over the years believing that it was boring and strict but the reality is that it probably has done and will certainly continue to protect you for as long as you walk this Earth.

The difficulty you face when you do not listen to the higher powers gentle push is that over time the pushes become shoves and the shoves can eventually become bull dowsers if left unchecked. And that may be what is happening in your life now?

If you do not feel successful then you are focusing on the wrong information in your mind. An easy way to feel bad about yourself if you’re not where you want to be ‘say financially’ is to turn on ‘MTV Cribs or Keeping up with the Kardashian’s’ as a reminder of what you ‘Do not have.’

Alternatively you can choose to focus on those who are less fortunate than you in areas and decide to offer your help instead. Stop letting false images of what you believe you should be’ control your thinking and thus your life and ultimate happiness. Create a sacred space that you can go to often preferably on a daily basis to help gain access to your higher power. Here you can visualize the life of your dreams in your minds eye.

Step #3 – Change your Daily Rituals

We all have rituals whether you acknowledge them as such or not. We have rituals for the side of the bed we sleep on, how we brush our teeth, where we sit at the kitchen table and on the bus or our morning coffee before work. And this is completely fine! As long as your rituals are always serving you for the greater good. If your ritual is to reach for a cigarette first thing in the morning before even having a shower, not making the bed, being late for work and constantly moaning and complaining about things to others then it stands to reason that there would be a bitter taste of the unfulfilled within you, which would ultimately be reflected in your life.

If you want to be successful then you ‘Must’ change your rituals… With the higher power supporting you this will be easy right ‘No’ it will be challenging but it will also be worth it. If you have been doing the same things the same way for a while now then no doubt changing your rituals will initially cause pain but there are a couple of things that you can do to combat that.

Firstly Exercise, yes I said it that dreaded word to some, but it must be said! By exercising you will release dopamine from in your body natural endorphins that will cause you to feel ecstasy. High from life! And that is what you will need to cancel out the feelings of ‘loss’ that may arise from ditching your old comfortable rituals for the new.

And secondly eat healthier. Free your body of toxic waste such as sugary drinks or junk food when you begin to take care of ‘You’ then everything else naturally begins to fall in to place. Start somewhere, start small but start now.

Step #4 – Take Action

So you understand that you have to ‘believe before you can receive’ the life of your dreams but success will not come to those who sit idle. Even if you follow the previous #3 steps vigilantly you will not be successful if you do not ‘act’ on what you know.

~Knowledge is not power action is~

I know many people who are extremely talented it in music, art, writing, athletics, sales, business, law etcetera however they are not using the talents that they have been given. Due to circumstances ‘fear’ has crept up on them and unfortunately they are now crippled with a belief that ‘they are too old, not lucky or smart enough or do not have enough self confidence to follow their calling and manifest their dream.

They cover the voice within that screams for them to express their gifts and help uplift others, using negative reinforcements instead of loving who they are.

As a result too many people go through life sitting on the bench or even worse on the sofa watching the few fortunate that are living the dream and playing the game.

So which one are you?

The difference between those who are successful in their field and those who are not has nothing to do with talent but more to do with their strong determination and faith to be so. So if you want more from your life then it’s time to take action.

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‘If you are struggling with creating new habits in your life or suffer from low self esteem check out my books for more advice and guidance to help you prosper in both of these areas.’

Self Esteem        habits book by victoria grant

My Pregnancy weight loss Journey

Before I delve straight in to the details of my pregnancy weight loss journey I would like to begin this post by saying that pregnancy is by far one of the most magnificent and magical things that a woman can experience by far. The female body is amazing in so many ways but being able to create, nurture and give birth to another being is second to none.

However, as you may already know during those 9 months the body is also put under huge amounts of strain and pressure undergoing changes and foreign movements like never before. Some women may be blessed with tiny bellys throughout their pregnancy’s no back ache and a real quick labour and trust me when i say that I envy them. My pregnancy experience was the total opposite not only did I get pre-clampsia meaning that my blood pressure was through the roof alongside a swollen body all over I also contracted a womb infection, had a dangerously high heart rate, underwent an emergency C-Section and blood transfusion as well as a failing kidney and fibroid issues. Oh yes and on top of all of that I managed to gain 4 stone in weight so to say I had a horrible experience would be an understatement.

But by the grace of the creator I am here to share my story and have the most beautiful baby girl in the world to show for it, so yes in the end it was all worth it.

I was determined to shed my pregnancy weight before I even gave birth, During my pregnancy I had not eaten as well as I maybe could have, giving in to my butter shortbread biscuit cravens daily and sweet tea’s so I had promised myself that no matter what after my daughter arrived I would eat clean and get back to my exercise regime. I had to use will power and mind over matter techniques to get me through and of course I could not exercise for 6 weeks after my C-Section but by following the few steps below I was able to lose the 4 stone I had gained and more in under 3 months.

My Pregnancy weight loss – STEPS

1 – Juice Fast : I done a Juice fast for 7 days when my daughter was 6 weeks young. This rebooted my system and detox my body. It also reset my mind and ever since I have not eaten meat. I do eat fish but no red or white meat whatsoever. It wasn’t planned this result just happened naturally however since not eating meat I feel lighter and refreshed. Please see ‘forks over knives and DOC for more information on why meat is not good for your body.

2 – Exercise Daily: No matter how much you have going on in your day you must find time to exercise. Exercise helped me to tone up and build muscle by doing variations of cardio and weight training both at home and in the gym. It also helped clear and distress my mind. If you are wanting to loose weight then exercise and diet are the two key components 80% diet and 20% exercise.

3 – Eat Clean: It wasn’t hard for me to eat clean as I love fruit and veggies and after doing a Juice Fast especially these are all your body really craves ‘the good stuff.’ If your not used to eating clean then make a vow to doing it for your child. Use them as your motivation to always be your best by knowing that they are always watching and taking notes. ‘Children don’t do what you say they do what you do’ so do great things. Eating well will nourish your body and mind, keep you energised and looking younger. You may even live longer meaning that you get even more quality time with your child.

4 – Drink lots of water: I start everyday with a cup of warm lemon water and make sure that I continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day. So many times when you think you are hungry the truth is that you are dehydrated and by having water with you at all times ‘preferably alkalized water’ it will prevent you from overeating. Make water your best friend and forget the juices and sodas that are filled with sweeteners to get you addicted and burnt out. Stay away from energy drinks as these will enhance your heart to beat at dangerous rates and can cause cardiovascular problems in the future. We are all made up of 70% water so keep replenished.

5 – As well as the above I meditated in my sacred space and gave myself time. Having patience may sound boring as you want to look a certain way right now but by following the above steps consistently it becomes a lifestyle from which you will gain much more than just weight loss from your pregnancy. Discipline and hard work goes a long way and from it you may uncover hidden secrets about yourself which lead you to even greater things.

So start your weight loss journey now, there is no time like the present and your body, mind and child will all thank you in the long run.

Recommended Reading

‘If you are struggling with creating new habits in your life or suffer from low self esteem check out my books for more advice and guidance to help you prosper in both of these areas.’

Self Esteem        habits book by victoria grant