The 6th Pillar to Self Mastery at the Victory Granted Universe City is Family and Love Life

This Pillar is all about working on the closest relationships in your life.

You cannot live as the best version of yourself if your closest relationships are not in harmony with the person you wish to be. As a powerful creator, it is up to you to set the example to others for how you want to be treated. Everyone you encounter is simply a mirror, a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. 

Anyone or anything that you attract has to be in line with the vibrational frequency that you are letting off. No one is to blame for your current situation and the quicker you realise that then the quicker you become empowered to make the necessary changes and to feel a sense of relief. You chose your parents before you came into the physical realm not based on what they would teach you but based on what they would not teach you so that you could use the experiences they gave you as the contrast needed to go out into the world and become who you wanted to be.

We are all here experiencing completely different realities based on our perceptions and the meaning that we attach to those perceptions, so if you are finding it difficult to get along with a family member just remember that they are on their path and you are not the judge or the jury of their life. Concentrate on you!

Send everyone you meet love and joy from your heart. Like I said they are a reflection. If someone has done something that hurt you then find it in your heart to forgive them. When you choose not to forgive others it’s the same as you swallowing poison and expecting them to die. You forgive others for ‘you’ not them. See them as lost and afraid, ‘hurt people hurt people’ and ‘loving people love people’.

Be the change that you would like to see in the world. If someone wants to fight you that doesn’t mean you have to retaliate using the same methods. You cannot solve a problem using the same problem. Rise above any conflict and look at everything as a chance for you to learn something, earn something, or teach something.

There is no such thing as good or bad! Like I said everything is perceptions and meanings. I love the saying ‘it is what it is’ as that quite simply explains everything. Once you are at peace in yourself you can easily find that peace in others.

Whether you are single or in a committed relationship you are still always an unfolding masterpiece. Find out the core of who you are and you will never be willing to accept anything less than pure love from anyone who decides to be in your life. You deserve to be loved but you must first know how to fully love yourself. You can’t expect someone to come into your life to complete you and make you happy, you must first become all of these things and so that you have them to offer when your significant other naturally vibrates towards you.

There is no rush to be in a relationship, or to be married, or to have children or to do anything. The most important relationship that you will ever have is with yourself and that is the one that you should always be working on improving. 

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