The 5th Pillar to Self Mastery at the Victory Granted Universe City is Finances 

This Pillar is all about Finances, Business, Credit, investments.

I have always been intrigued by the educational systems put in place long ago. And wondered why they never felt it necessary to teach young people and children about one of the major economic foundations upon which most of the world operates which is money. Growing up I was never taught by my school teachers or my parents how to create a healthy and abundant mindset around money.

Instead, I was shown that money was a necessary evil and that the ones who had the money were greedy. It wasn’t until much later in life after having to deal with some money difficulties that id created out of nothing more than my ignorance that I became aware of the destructive relationship I had with finances & credit.

If you want to live a life of freedom to be able to come and go wherever you want in whichever style you have accustomed yourself to then knowing how to create an abundance of money that amasses to generational wealth is super important. Indeed, money doesn’t buy you happiness, and it’s also true that being broke doesn’t either. However, what money does offer you is peace of mind that you can eat, well, travel often if you please, help others, and have access to products and services that will support your freedom.

You were born to experience every and anything your heart desires so why let money be the reason that holds you back? If you want more money then you must create or acquire a business or service or both that serves others. Once you have decided what that will be and have the money rolling in then you have to practice the discipline required to not spend all the money at once. What you decide to invest your money in will be the deciding factor for whether you become rich and wealthy or not.

If you have grown up with no financial literacy then this is a skill that you must now seek to learn. It’s important to have good credit and to invest not only in stocks and crypto but to always invest in your personal development. That means buying courses and reading books written by other millionaires that have paved the way before you.

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