The 3rd Pillar in Self-Mastery at the VICTORY GRANTED UNIVERSE-CITY is Health 

This Pillar is all about Changing your diet, exercise, and protecting your Mental and Emotional wellbeing.

You cannot expect to enjoy a fruitful and happy life if you are always in pain, on a diet, or dreaming about being someone other than who you are. If you want to experience true fulfillment and joy then you have to first embrace the fact that ‘Health is wealth.’

What’s the point in having all the money in the world and all the freedom on offer if you are sick and tired? 

There comes a point in life where excuses are just not good enough and you know that its time to change. Being the best version of yourself means that you are dedicated to feeding your mind, body, and soul with the nutrients it needs to run in optimum mode. 

You have been gifted with a body to support your journey here on Earth and it is the only vessel that you have. It’s a one time offer and if you decide to run it to the ground and abuse it with toxic food, thoughts, and lack of movement then it will in return begin to deteriorate until it eventually gives up. 

Imagine that you owned a £100,000 sports car with a top of the range engine and body kit. Your precious car would require the best fuel and oil to perform at its best and if you desired to skip on any of the above measures then the vehicle would not operate at its full capacity. Well, your body is the same!

If you want to experience the highest expression of yourself then focus on what you are letting into your body. High vibrational foods such as spring water, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruits are designed to work in harmony with your body’s cells and organs so that you can be in alignment with your higher self and create positive vibrations in and around yourself.

If you are not currently receiving the type of life that you know deep down you deserve then changing your lifestyle is paramount in getting you there. 

But food is not the only aspect that you must tackle to receive optimum health. You must also move your body and get your heartbeat racing. This not only leads to a fitter and stronger version of you but exercise also releases endorphins which are a natural chemical of ecstasy. Making you feel happier and more content all around.

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