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How to decide what to do with your Life!

Have you come to a crossroads in your life recently when it comes to your Career and Business choices, do you feel as though you may have missed the boat or chosen the wrong life path.

Well if so you are not alone and believe me when i say that no matter who you are, what age you may be there is no way that you could have missed the boat. As if you are breathing and reading this then you still have a chance to be, have and do anything with your life.

But if you are undecided on what exactly you want to with your life there are a few tips below that you may find useful:

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Step 1 – What are you naturally good at: Think about what kind of things you were interested in as a child and what you enjoyed as these are what can ultimately be turned in to a career or business.

Remember that when you really enjoy something the time fly’s like the illusion it is and it feels like no time at all. So what was it.. were you good at sports, art, reading, speaking or maybe you were the class clown, whatever it was write it down and go on to step 2. Take time with this exercise and if you find that there is more than just 1 thing you were good at and enjoy then even better.

Step 2 – How to monetize on your passions: If you have completed step 1 then by now you should have at least 2 items on your list that reflect what you are naturally good at. Looking at these items now think about how you could use these to provide a service or to create a product that will be of use to others. for example’ if you are a great friend and love children then maybe you could offer a child minding service of gather investors to open a day care center.

Or what if you are a naturally talkative person…. you could train to be an amazing sales woman or man? how about if you loved sports but believe that your past the ages of being a professional footballer or gymnast, then why not be a sports agent. there are many ways in which you can use your natural talents to create a business or career that you can be proud of, it just take a bit of thought. And if you want to fast track those thoughts then try doing your thinking in your ‘sacred space.’

Step 3 – Internet Business: is there something that you know or can do that you believe may help someone else in their own life? with the internet growing vaster by the day it comes as no surprise that I am mentioning the idea of having an online business. Not only does this create a passive income for you ‘making money while you sleep’ it also provides an infinite platform where you can reach massive audiences that grow daily.

If you have something that has helped you in your own life then ‘share it’ with others. By adding value you become worth more than simply exchanging your time for money. There are so many things that you could be doing online from blogging, affiliate marketing, selling products and much more. All it takes is some initial time and a bit of money before you are up and running.

Step 4 – Belief: This may be the most important step of them all as without belief in yourself you can achieve nothing. Self confidence breeds ‘self esteem’ which will enable to you conquer things you may have never thought possible if you continued to listen to the negative words of others or those residing in your head.

Even if you have never had confidence in yourself up until this point that can all be changed. Begin by knowing that you were not born insecure and that there is a higher power working for your favor at all times.

Realize that negative thoughts and words can become chants, creating a story that doesn’t really exist so create a new story a better one a positive one. A story where you are victorious at all times no matter the circumstance, tell yourself that it doesn’t matter how it will happen but that you are certain everything is always working for your greater good.

~There are 2 best times in your life to start something new…20 years ago and today~

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