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What is self love?

What does self love mean to you? It’s a little known fact that before you can fall truly in love with a significant other you must first fall in love with yourself. But what exactly does that mean? Well for the most part and from a very early age we are taught by our parent’s teachers, favourite movies, songs and peers that the best thing in life has to be falling in love. And although this maybe true as the feeling we get when we are the centre of attention in someone’s world in beyond amazing it is not the full story.

Let me explain…

Man, People, Girl, Woman, Women, Girls, ThoughtfulYou see if you want to feel something ‘anything’ then you have to first of all know what it is you are feeling and the only way to know it is to be it. You cannot expect another person to fill you up and make you happy if you do not know how to do this for yourself. Their attempts may work for a little while but as soon as their gaze strays away from you a void will be felt inside like never before.


It is your duty to show others how to treat you and this can only be done by your displays of how you treat yourself. Falling in love with you means accepting that there are things aboutyou that you may not always like but you also understand that for those things that are in your control you have the power to change.

And those are the parts of yourself that you must focus on in order for you to become the best version of yourself. We all have an inner idol that calls out to our desire to be, have and do better. The version that you see in your mind’s eye… maybe she is healthier, speaks another language, travels more or has her own business? Whatever the case may be these are all areas that you can work on. Only when you are living up to your inner idols guidance can you truly feel aligned.

That is the definition of true joy and deep self love. When you have a plan and see it through to fruition you cannot help but grow, and growth always means change. We as humans are constantly evolving and if we are not evolving in the direction of our dreams then there will ultimately been pain on some level.

If you want to feel fulfilled you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. ‘true failure is never even trying’ if your reading this then I promise that victory is already yours just believe in the same powers that wake you up each morning and keep your brain and body functioning to support your every desire in to manifestation.

You were born to be great not average so never live a life based on mediocrity. If you can dream it you can achieve it and it all begins and ends with self love.

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