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Your Health is your wealth

Please take note that whatever you decide to choose to kick start your healthy lifestyle there are a few major things to keep in mind:-

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1 – Your mind rules your body so speak thoughts of progress to yourself, These are positive affirmations of how you Want to be by seeing and believing that you are already that person.

2 – Have patience – Rome was not built in a day and neither will your healthy lifestyle, so stay positive and on track you will see the changes. Remember to enjoy the journey try not to only focus on the end result, as when times get difficult this will see you through.

3 – Congratulate yourself every step of the way – your healthy snack, that extra glass of water and that gym session they are all your wins so be proud and own it.

4 – Love your body the way it is and see while it is becoming an even healthier version.

5 – Drink LOTS of water ‘I recommend hot/warm water for weight loss’ if you are bored with the taste of plain water then add lemon or a green mint tea bag to taste.

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