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Speak to the king in him

Relationships at victory granted
Relationships at victory granted

So what exactly do i mean when I say ‘speak to the king in him?’ well if you are in a relationship or are thinking about ever being in one with a man then this article is for you. In today’s society it has become a common fact that women are being brought up to be more independent and self sufficient than ever before in history.

And while i am all for equal rights and the empowerment of women i do believe that along the way from feminism to now although many great things have been achieved by women there are a few great things that may have been forgotten or even lost.

It is no secret that there are some major differences between the sexes of men and women be it physically, emotionally or spiritually our biological makeup has been wired it seems at times in nearly opposite directions.

The way women and men view relationships has always been a subject for discussion while the women want to settle down after the third date most men are content with experiencing many options before even remotely entertaining a life with just one woman. And while both of the sexes remain focused on building their future the Men are concerned with freedom and making money while women are intent on building a family and home.

These are at least our natural wants however as the decades have shown time and again these lines continue to be blurred.

Whether it is due to a woman feeling unloved after being left or cheated on by the man she loved now having to raise her children alone as a single mother or maybe she herself was brought up by a single mum who taught her never to depend on anyone especially a man. Whatever it may be it is clear to see that there is a divide between the sexes which is only getting wider as generations pass.

And it is plain to see in today’s relationships where everyone is fighting for power that more and more we are becoming unhappy in these unions and instead on working it out often the involved individuals are quick to call it quits and move on.

So where do i believe that some of these relationships are going wrong? Well by the title of this post it is my opinion that too many of us women are not speaking to the king in our man.

As previously mentioned men and women are wired differently and that being said we have different needs, while a woman has an ongoing need to be loved and to love, a man’s main need is for respect. For a man to truly feel like he is a man he must get respect from his woman and this is where many of us are falling short and failing. Women are strong and powerful but we are not men .

Our strength and power is different than a man’s and should be used to create and nurture life in everything we do. Women are the creative, intuitive and like water we must flow in to everything we do with ease and grace. But instead some women are using their power as a man would and unfortunately trying to use it against the man they are supposed to love and respect thereby emasculating him.

If a man loves you he will not show you he loves you in the same way that you show love so just because he doesn’t want to cuddle, kiss and caress at every minute of the day it doesn’t mean he loves you any less. Appreciate the things that he does rather than yearn for the things he does not.

If your man is home every night, hard working, ambitions and doesn’t cheat on you then you have a good man and he loves you. Forget the Hollywood version of romance and love that his not a true reflection of real life, remember that your man has to deal with the world outside so when he gets home you should make it his sanctuary not a war zone.

Speak life in to your man with compliments that stroke his ego and remind him by your kindness why he is with you and no other woman. Stay irresistible to him and ‘make him love you’ by being his woman not his enemy.

Speaking to the king in your man means being respectful and always polite. Don’t get me wrong if there are issues that need to be addressed then do just that but stay Classy and feminine. Always remember that you are a Queen and act as such, not in an arrogant way but elegant and strong at the same time.

The law of attraction states that you get back what you are in life so if you want your man to be kind, considerate and loving then you must be that first. Show him how to treat you by being exactly what you want to receive in return.

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