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Your Sacred Space

There is something very important about having your own sacred space where you can tune in to your spirit and inner guides on a daily basis. Only through solitude can one truly evolve and grow to learn one’s self as the old saying goes ‘you may be lonely but you are never alone.’

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Many religions all over the world use buildings such as mosques and churches to create their sacred space where many can gather to listen to the vast teachings of masters past however i believe that it is still important to have your own personal area within your home if possible or out in nature where you can connect to your highest power.

I dedicate at least 15 – 60 minutes every day to myself and during this time I find peace and harmony by immersing in a few of the following practices.


For those who want to know more about this age old practice and all of the wonderful benefits associated with meditation please read Meditation for beginners. By focusing on my breathing it helps to clear my mind which in turn frees up space for intuition and creativity to flow.

Drinking hot lemon water:

There are many health benefits to drinking water as you know and warm or hot water especially is much easier absorbed by the body than ice water. while I am in my sacred space I like to keep hydrated and lemon water is a natural anti oxidant that keeps me feeling fresh and clean from the inside out, plus it tastes lovely.

Create Comfort: If your anything like me then you too love to feel warm and cosy at the best of times and your sacred space should be no different. Mine has cushions and scented candles and I am always burning my favorite incense. Pretty colors and soft textures such as faux fur and shaggy rugs are best for me.

My gratitude journal:

Last but by no means least I always have to have my gratitude journal. within its pages are all of the wonderful things that I am grateful for. I give thanks out loud for things I have achieved and obtained as I know that these were all blessings from the creator and the Universe and I also give thanks for things that haven’t even yet manifested as I am certain they will come in due time. I give thanks for others wellness if they are sick and for being prosperous and happy at all times. It makes me smile to look back at my gratitude journal and realize that I really am the creator of my own destiny and so are you.

So what will you have in your sacred space? it doesn’t have to be a massive area but it does have to be yours alone, do not let anyone violate your space and if necessary due to your current living conditions you may have to recreate your space on a daily basis. what i mean by this is that if you are like me and your home is filled with family and things then each day you can lay out your rug, cushions and candle in the same spot ‘while your family rests’ even if it is in the bathroom. No space is to small as long as it is clean and fresh its workable.

Once you get in to the practice of being alone, giving thanks and meditating you will soon realize its wonderful benefits. If you think that you don’t have enough time ‘well make time’ as we all have the same 24 hours in a day and it’s what you do with those moments that count.

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