How to be feminine

In this article I will discuss my thoughts on being Feminine and how you can tap in to the wonderful femininity within.

One of the things that separate women from men is our feminine energy now I do know that both masculine and feminine energy reside in us all men and women alike however it is true that naturally a woman will have more feminine energy than a man.

This could be argued in today’s society as there are many blurred lines when it comes to gender roles and how they are played out which is why I say ‘naturally’ this does not mean that a man cannot ‘choose’ to be more feminine than masculine that is his choice.

Anyway back to my point….

I believe that we are blessed as women to have such inner strength a deep connection with the divine and such a powerful magnitude of beauty that we can if we decide literally make men fall at their knees before us.

And the reason we have these magical powers all boils down to our amazing feminine energy.

There are practices and ways in which femininity can be expressed and honoured fully and below i would like to share with you a few of my own tried and tested rituals.

By doing these on a daily basis i remind myself that I am a woman and what that means in the great scheme of things. Women are no better than men ‘vice versa’ we are just different. So here goes.


For those that don’t know meditation has been used as a practice for calming the mind and connecting with ones source and spirit since time began.

Used in many cultures around the world meditation focuses on breathing techniques and posture. I have been meditating for several years now and I truly believe that it has everything to do with helping me to become the best version of myself.

It helps to alleviate stress from the mind and body freeing up space to be creative and visualize for the future. While in meditation i often see myself as a goddess queen, helping and nurturing others and fulfilling my hearts desires to be patient, kind and compassionate.

I surround myself with candles, incense and soothing background music which further adds to the sensory feelings and get in tune with my highest feminine creative intuition.

Here i speak only gratitude and find joy in my heart. Once out of meditation i can focus fully on working on the actions necessary to manifest what my heart desires, as through meditation I believe that I will receive all everything i envision tenfold. See a great book on meditation for beginners.

 Surround Myself with beauty:

Another way in which I express my femininity is to surround myself with beautiful things, these include but are not limited to fresh flowers, scented candles, incenses, fresh bedding and a taking minimal approach to my home furnishings.

Staying clean and fresh is also a must and I have learned over the years to use natural products on my body. I love sweet smells and ensure that my home is a sanctuary that arouses the senses. My clothes are always clean and I prefer to wear soft color make up and nails with only a few pieces of jewelry ‘usually a watch and some earrings, for me less is more and I find that it helps others to focus on me when we are interacting rather than my attire.

Learn new things weekly:

I believe in the quote ‘readers are leaders’ and have found in my own life that by reading books on subjects that are of interest to me I become more knowledgeable in that area thus becoming even more intelligent.

It is important as a woman to be more than just a cute face and sexy body, you must have something to bring to the table of life or you may end up eating alone. By learning new things ‘languages, cultures, skills and ideas you become more valuable not only to yourself but to others also and the Universe will be sure to bless you.

When you know things it gives you the right to teach what you know to the next generation and they are the future of this world so if we want to live in a wonderful world then it begins by leading by example.

There is so much information out here just waiting for you to see and by delving in to the unknown you can literally transform your life and become the person you have always wanted to be.

Everyone should have a vision of what they want their life to be like and by learning new things everyday your thoughts become things. So there is no excuse and no time like the present, if you are wanting to be, have or do anything more with your life then please start learning what you need today.

 Have Confidence:

Femininity and self esteem and confidence go hand in hand. Feminine women are proud to be classy ladies and exude the above in more ways than just sexually. Being a woman is about being free to choose the life of your dreams, along with being a great mother, wife, sister, lover, boss and more… the list is endless as I am sure you have heard that women are great multi-taskers.

By knowing the above you as a woman can be sure that whatever you put your mind and effort to wwill grow in to something beautiful, whether its a business, a relationship or a child you own the power within.

Use your confidence not in an egotistical arrogant way rather speak sweet and smile to get your own way ‘trust me it works everytime.’ Learn how to say ‘No’ at times and let others know your value and worth by being firm but fair.

Be courteous and kind and listen with your heart not just with the intent to answer, always be completely present in each moment even if it means putting down your phone and engaging fully with others.

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