X 5 ways to Make him love you

In the article I share with you information that can if you allow it literally ‘make him love you.’

No matter who you are or how far away the prospect of your desire may seem there are basic tips that can make him love the real you.

Make him love you– Be Polite

It may come as no surprise but saying please and thank you still goes along way in todays society. It is the little things that count and although many are taught these attributes from a young age, there are many who forget or choose not to use their manners.

When you meet a man that you believe may be boyfriend or even husband material you have to remember that often times as a single fella he is already playing the field, which mean he is usually having fun with a few different women. So what separates you from the rest?

Well to be honest unless you know the other females he is talking to you will have no idea so my advice is to play it safe by always being and showing the best version of you. Now if you are pretending to be nice or trying to ‘act’ your way into a relationship it wont last. ‘Character is like pregnancy so they say , it will eventually show,’ so be polite naturally.

Remember to compliment your date and offer to pay or at least go halves on the meal or outing this Make him love you. No one owes you anything in this world so don’t take anyone for granted ‘especially if they are treating you kind. Do the same and act like a lady, be feminine and confident. We all have opinions on different subjects but is it worth arguing with someone you are getting to know because of your string views on politics or religion? Think before you speak and always stay smiling.

2 Make him love you – Do not sleep with him too soon

It seems as though in todays world of social media that everyone has such easy access to one and other. Through the various apps and websites women and men from all over the country are able to meet up within the first few clicks or swipes of seeing each other.

The problem with this method is that they have not really seen each other, all they know is a profile which is 90% of the time fabricated to enhance ones features and lifestyle. If you are lacking in self esteem then i see how you as a woman can get so caught up in the hype and end up falling for one of these smooth talking men but what does that say about you?

Well if you are wanting to settle down and think that you may have found the man of your dreams then it says quite a lot.

First of all he may think that if it was so easy for him to get you in the bed then how many other men must have done the same, now this may or may not be true and he could honestly be the first guy that you decided to sleep with sooner than later but he will not know this and unfortunately for you if you try and explain otherwise, he probably wont believe you and after your sexual encounter he’s likely to be distant and stand offish.

Secondly you don’t know where he has been and you have not yet established the ground rules ‘as these take time’ time for him to at least yearn for you and se that you have self worth.

You don’t only want to have the man you want to keep him so you must show him why you would make a great girlfriend.’ Remember that you are a woman and therefore extremely valuable after all you ‘create life.’

A man or anyone else for that matter can only treat you how treat yourself so show him that you are amazing and in demand. By making him wait he will desire you more and more each day and while he is waiting he will be getting to know and fall in love with the real you.

3 Make him love you – Cook for him

The real way to a mans heart is through his stomach as I am sure you have heard before but what does that really mean?

Well if you are trying to make him love you and are in the dating stages then this man needs to literally ‘need you’ without even knowing it if you get my drift. If you have a father, a brother an uncle, nephew or any other man in your life then I am sure you would agree that their favourite place is usually the fridge and the toilet. There is something about food that makes a man feel strong and secure.

Maybe it goes back to the hunter gatherer days ‘who knows’ but all I know is that if you can cook your man a hearty meal you are half way there for him to fall in love. Before a ma even thinks about marrying or settling down with a woman he already has another very important woman in his life and that is his mother.

Now s you can imagine she has been feeding and nurturing this man since birth and unlike women who flea the nest to nurture their new found families when a man leaves his mother it is to find the next best thing ‘someone who can nurture all of his manly needs’ the main ones being sex and food.

Now i mentioned above why you should hold out on the sex for a while but in the meantime ladies cook your heart out. Now if you cant cook i urge you to learn after all everyone needs to eat and good nutrition is important. Find out what he likes and practice the recipe until you have it mastered. Feed his belly and his mind until you are ready to feed his body.

Make him love you – Have your own Life

Now this is very important whether you are trying to snap up a man or not as having your own life means that you are not dependent on anyone else to provide you with happiness ‘after all happiness is your own responsibility.’

There is nothing like someone who is dedicated to their own elevation who knows what they want and who is working towards their goals in life. Having your own life shows character and self esteem further proving to others that you are not afraid to go it alone and take charge of your destiny.

When you are dating and find interest in a certain man it can easily lead to you becoming caught up in his world. Wondering where he is , what he is doing and who he is with. This can unfortunately lead to a look of desperation on your part and if you are not careful it could scare him away.

The best thing to do to avoid such situations is to be so caught up in your own situations that the tables get turned and he is the one wanting to spend time with you. By doing your own thing not only are you prospering in your own life you are also letting others know that you have integrity and discipline and although it may sound crazy believe me these are sexy.

Focus on you and what you enjoy doing and the universe will always bless you. By doing things and going places you get to meet new people and find out what it is that you really enjoy and what may even be your purpose here on Earth equally when you do eventually see your man you will have more interesting things to discuss.

5 – Make him love you – Be sexy

some people may tell you that being sexy means to turn your man on by wearing red lipstick, lingerie, thigh high boots and gyrating around the bedroom to initiate fun and believe me they wouldn’t be wrong but as with everything there is a time and a place and for the purpose of this post ‘how to make him love you’ I want to stick to some of the other more subtle ways to be sexy.

The first way I believe a woman can be sexy is to be feminine what I mean by this is to act like a lady and to exude female energy. Another thing men find sexy is confidence. Know how to carry yourself. Walk with your head held high, don’t get drunk if you are out on a date with him, speak politely and fully be present in each moment.

Make him love you by showing him who you really are on the inside. Be kind to others, and children let him see that you are a good role model and would eventually make a great mother. Take interest in something he likes ie: football, you don’t have to be an expert but if it is what he enjoys then ask him questions about his team now and again and learn a  few of the rules. It will show that you care about what is important to him.

And the last way to be sexy is to show him respect. Men love money and respect. I don’t advise giving him money but respect can go along way in stroking his ego and we all know that men love their ego stroked. Let him be a man and speak only to the king in him.

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