The Habits of Unsuccessful People

I have written Below the habits of unsuccessful people, so that if you are really serious about creating a life that up until now you have only dreamed of you will know what to avoid.

‘If you want what others don’t have, you must do what others don’t do.’ 

There are many times in all of our lives when we may indulge in one or some of the activities that I am going to speak on and that’s OK as I see no harm in occasionally partaking in a few mind dulling experiences, however, ‘everything in moderation.

If you are finding that you spend countless hours, days, weeks or even years on these then I suggest that you Stop!

Take stock of where you are and assess if your current routine is adding to or robbing value from your life.

I am guessing that if you are reading this article then you have a strong desire to become your personal best or as I like to call it (the best version of You).

If so it would stand to reason then that you may want to make a decision ‘Now’ that you are willing to change any of the habits below that are currently hindering you on your journey to greatness.

Please do not cast judgment upon yourself if you do identify with the examples that follow, instead show yourself gratitude for being able to admit that you need to change and follow through.

There are many ways for you to totally reinvent your life once you know what it is that’s been holding you hostage and it begins with your mind followed by positive daily actions (no matter how small).

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the masterpiece that is you. So chip away.

Your Habits are responsible for who you are today whether you like the person you are being or not, and the great thing about that fact is that you alone have complete control over creating better habits ‘starting now.’

Bad or unhealthy habits can lead to deep depression or even worse so please read on with an open heart and mind.

‘You are the creator of your own destiny.’ 

Your choices become your daily habits, which then turn in to routines ultimately manifesting as your life, so make good choices.

Lets Begin!

The Habits of The Unsuccessful


There are many traits that will determine whether or not you will become successful but the number 1 dream killer has to be procrastination.

Meaning that no matter how hard you try and find the motivation to complete even a simple task you simply cannot find the motivation nor the will to get going. 

We have all felt procrastination creep up on us at one point in time or another, however, the difference in whether you are successful or unsuccessful at going after your dreams is how you choose to deal with procrastination when it does arise.

Unsuccessful people are slaves to their procrastination as it becomes their second nature. They find a plethora of excuses for why they are not completing their duties to self and others and can unfortunately remain stagnated for years.

Successful people, on the other hand, see it for what it is, observe the feeling they get from procrastination and carry on regardless.

Momentum creates momentum, so the more that you do something the easier it becomes.

This is true for both healthy and unhealthy habits so if you truly want to beat procrastination then you must take charge and begin the task you have been avoiding. ‘Even if its only for 5 minutes a day to start with.’

Eventually if you continue on this path your momentum will build until you are working on your dream full time. Initially it may seem hard but giving up on your best self will ultimately be harder.

So don’t delay.


Are you busy watching other people live their lives out in reality shows, films or TV programs ? do you waste time on the phone or face to face speaking about others when you could be focusing on some of the goals you have set to become the best version of you.

People watching is addictive and don’t marketers know it.

The Television industry has nailed it down to a fine art to ensure their business thrives, but what about your business?

What about all of the greatness that you have to offer the world. Your talents and gifts.

Don’t forget who you are while you worry about what everyone else is doing.

 Be successful by ‘minding your own business.’ Literally!

(Habit 3) — ADDICTION

Being addicted to any unhealthy substance or activity will rob you of what could potentially be the bests part of your life. Trust me I know. I used to be addicted to Weed.

Because of my unhealthy addiction, I procrastinated and would over think so much that I never really achieved anything more than partying and getting high for most of my twenties.

If you want to be successful then it will take willpower and strength of character to stick to your plan ‘even on the days when you don’t feel like it.’ And if you are carrying an addiction that will inevitably come first.

Don’t let your dreams suffer for temporary pleasure. See the bigger picture and you will overcome.


Unsuccessful people love to speak badly of themselves and others. It’s a fact that those who are unhappy with themselves often project that unhappiness on to those around them. Have you ever been with a friend or associate and all they seem to do is criticize the world around.

It may be the weather or the traffic that is irking their mere existence or maybe its the queue for the coffee at star bucks and then the cashier who finally serves them who forgot to apologize for the long wait.

No matter what it may be an unhappy person will find fault with almost everyone and everything around them. If you find yourself often complaining about the fluffy stuff as I like to call it then reassess your motive in that moment and make a conscious decision to stop right there. Spend your time only praising that which is your world and watch it praise you in return.


I am sure that you have traveled outside of your immediate environment at least once if not thousands of times during your life and by immediate environment, I simply mean your home.

It may have been a trip to the local shop to collect groceries or maybe further, like a visit to another country. Whatever the case may be, in order for you to make that journey you would have at least to some degree had to have made a plan.

What would you wear to suit the weather? Would you need to pack a lunch? What time would you have to be showered and dressed to get to the bus or train on time?

If you are a driver, would your vehicle need fuel? Should you prepare a second route in case of traffic and unforeseen circumstances and so on.

I’m sure you get the drift?

If you want to become the best version of yourself then you will need a plan to follow. Set yourself tasks and execute them daily no matter how small they may seem. 

If you don’t yet know what your purpose is then I challenge you to meditate, read and search until you find it. 

Work daily on yourself, your habits your health and your happiness so that you can give back to the world and yourself. Remember that we are all supreme beings having a human experience so don’t take yourself to seriously.

Have fun and learn what your triggers for success are. Once you know these create a routine that you can easily follow and don’t ever give up.

If you know that exercising creates a natural buzz for you then do that, if its meditation or reading something inspirational then do that instead, or as well as.

No matter what it is practice regularly and become the person you know you truly deserve to be.

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