Visualize your Dream Life

Why should you visualize your Dream Life today.

You are responsible for the level of success in your life by deciding what you choose to focus on and you have to create success on the inside before it can manifest outside of you.

If you are ready to create your dream life then the easiest and most fun way that I have found is to use visualization. If up until now you have been receiving things that you ‘do not want’ then it is because you have been focusing aka visualizing things of that manner.

Spend your infinite energy visualizing the life you desire and do this by using real photos and videos. Design a ‘vision board’ complete with your dream body, dream career, health, family, friends, money, partner, charity, holiday destination, amount you want to earn etcetera..

When you know what you are working towards it becomes exciting to get there. Visualize while you look at your vision board, book or video first thing in the morning and last thing at night and feel the emotions of already being, having and doing what you see on there.

Time is your biggest asset so do not ‘waste’ it ‘watching what others have’ as you do not know neither is it any of your business how they attain it. Unless they are a mentor to you or can aid you on your own journey leave them be. There is nothing wrong with using someone else’s success to fuel and inspire your own however just make sure that you are not letting it hinder you by belittling yourself for what you believe you should be, do or have. By visualizing the life of your dreams you are letting the Universe know exactly what to deliver in to your external realm.

And remember that you cannot compare your beginning to another middle or end. Your journey is yours alone!

Your success should never be measured against someone else’s. You are unique and offer talents like no other. ‘Spend’ time wisely focusing on the things you must do to become more useful than you may have been yesterday.

Visualize yourself exactly how you want to be and get clear in your mind’s eye the life you want to live, see the countries you will visit, causes you will support, your loving partner if you don’t already have one and a family happier than ever before.

~ Without a destination you Will arrive anywhere, so plan your journey~

The secret to visualization is to feel the emotions rise up from within as if you were already experiencing those things in the present moment. By doing this often you come to realize that the manifestations are simply a result and that the feeling is what causes the happiness and this you can create no matter what stage in life you are.

So go wild this is your life – and your imagination Think Big!

The more you visualize the easier it will be to create the life you desire.

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